Hoss and Allie or Allie and Hoss? Welcome to our Blog! August 25 2012, 1 Comment

(HOSS-4 weeks old) H- Hi! This is Hoss.

(ALLIE-4 weeks old)

A-Hey this is Allie. We haven't decided who's name goes first. 

Both- Welcome to our blog!

H-Those are our baby pictures. 

A-My name should be first it begins with A!

H- It doesn't matter. Our human mom has final editing rights. We are two and one half years old and excited about our greeting card business. We want to start at the beginning so you know who we are. 

A-Then my name is first. We learned English from our real folks and first human family. We were born of a union between 


our dad (he passed away)  and our mom. Dad was a big gray dude and a lot of fun. He wasn't so good with the potty training though cause he always missed the litter box. Mom was the hunter and I would go in the woods with her as soon as I could. I'll get more detailed later.

H-Too scary in the woods. 

A-Mom and I would bring stuff home like a rabbit or a possum but our humans would throw them out. That was a lot of hard work gone to waste.

H-I liked to drink from mom. Where's mom's picture?

A-Momma's boy. I'll find a picture for next time.

H-Thanks for visiting us!

A-Yeah thanks. We got a nap to take right now.