Boxing Day January 04 2013, 0 Comments

Allie - "Traditional Human Boxing Day is steeped in British Human history. (We watch the History Channel sometimes-you humans are nuts!). Humans allowed other humans to have a special day after Christmas to celebrate. It does not make sense to us why humans always separate themselves from other humans so we have "Cat" anized our Boxing Day and let our humans help us wrap boxes. We may not all have presents inside but what's important is that everybody gets a box!"   

Hoss - "Uh huh."


Hoss - "I was helping human mom ("mom") wrap presents but she didn't want me to use my teeth or my nails."

Allie - "Your teeth and nails tear the paper up."

Hoss - "Exactly!"



Allie - "My box is a place where I can watch my favorite shows on Animal Planet. Sir David Attenborough narrates Frozen Planet and I can see myself running with the wolves!  OMG Hossie you were asleep when this episode came on!"