Family Interview with: Cousin Blair/Political Partying May 05 2013, 6 Comments

    Baby Blair!  

                                                 President Blair 


I had the privilege of interviewing my cousin Brenda's son Blair. His fabulous photo is on one of my birthday cards and I wanted everyone to get to know the young man behind the sunglasses.


April -Hi Blair!

Blair-Hi cousin April

April-So whose idea was it to take those photos of you similar to the ones of President Obama in Ebony Magazine from a few years ago?

Blair- My mom 

April-Really? Why?

Blair- She wanted to show her support for the President and his family by sending him copies of my pictures. 

April-How old were you when she took the photos? 

Blair- (checks with mom) I was ten. 

April-How old are you now? Thirty?

Blair- I’m eleven

April- And what grade?  

Blair-5th grade

April- What’s your favorite subject and why? 

Blair- I like writing. It’s a different mindset and you can use your imagination. I like fiction and superheroes.

April-That’s cool. Do you have a favorite superhero?

Blair- Nightwing

April-Who’s that?

Blair-Batman’s first Robin.  

April-Oh! I didn’t know that- So what do you like to do for fun?

Blair-play video games. I just bought a new one called “Injustice-Gods Among us.” 

April-Is Nightwing in that one?

Blair-Yeah he is. I paid for most of it. Mom game me $9.00. It cost $68.00. 

April-That’s a lot of money Blair. Where did you get all that cash? 

Blair-I got straight A’s and I got money from papa (grandfather). And I had a gift card.

April- I know you play football. Are you playing now?

Blair-No that’s in the fall. I’m in a writing program and I’ll be in an architecture program at Washington University. 

April- Wow Blair. You have a lot of interests. You’re very bright.

Blair- I am very bright.

April- (laughing hard!)

April- Do you think you would want to be President one day?

Blair-Maybe. It’s hard work. And so much stuff like military and so many things in the world.  

April-That sounds stressful. 

Blair- Uh-huh. 

April-Blair, next time we get together we’ll play some games. Thanks so much sweetheart. I love you.

Blair-I love you too cousin April