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Interview with Amy Smyth of Ecka & Pecka! April 29 2013, 0 Comments

I first found Ecka and Pecka Greeting Cards when I was perusing the National Stationery Show (NSS) website to check out the competition this year and their cards grabbed my attention. Hmmmm, I thought, rather witty. Then a few weeks later I received an email that they were following me on Twitter. My following had increased by 50% so I noticed!  Long and the short is they've got great stuff and I had an opportunity to interview one of the owners, Amy Smyth.

        Amy Smyth 


April -How long has Ecka and Pecka the business existed?

Amy - Ecka & Pecka launched at the Stationery Show in May of 2011.

April-Your niece is adorable! How old is she now and what does she think about your cards? 

Amy - I agree. (She is also a great kid.) She is 5. She is so familiar with them she can spot them in a store on her own.

 I also have a nephew who is equally cute and great. The name of the next line will be something he comes up with...

April- How did this whole greeting card "thing" all begin and who is behind the cards?

Amy- The whole story is here:

April - Is this a full time gig or when did it become full time?

Amy - Full time gig since November of 2006. Best job ever. I love being self-employed.

April - Are you showing this year under a different name? I was looking for you on the NSS site and a different name popped up! 

Amy - We are in booth 3125 & 3127 as Ecka & Pecka. Ecka & Pecka is our line for independent retailers and Amy Smyth Made It is                                    under license with American Greetings and can be found in the mass market. 

April - What sparks your creativity? What other creative outlets do you have?   

Amy - Sparking creativity is sometimes difficult for me. Reading online, family, everyday experiences, sometimes out of the blue, many times after naps...I try to look for ideas everywhere. Being an entrepreneur is all consuming - so in the down time it's nice not to be creative. 

April - To borrow from your questions, what’s one of your favorite cards and what famous person would you give it to?

Amy - That's one of Meream's, our Ecka & Pecka blogger's, great questions. For the life of me I can't think of a famous person I'd send a card to...I feel like you really have to know someone to send   them a card or really have a reason - the connection is needed. I also have a hard time having a favorite - it's like saying, "I like myself."  Because they are me as cards. Just read that response back to myself - weird response - but accurate. 


Hoss vs. Mom-Round goes to Hoss! April 20 2013, 0 Comments

 HOSS- Mom you're my boo; but really? I am not a baby!  

Ecka & Pecka Interviewed me (April) for their Blog! April 15 2013, 0 Comments

Check out the article greeting card artists and writers of Ecka & Pecka Greeting Cards wrote on their blog about PruCheek. To return the favor I'll be interviewing them on my blog. Read about PruCheek, and, the inspiration behind Ecka & Pecka.




Happy Birthday Hoss and Allie! Three years old and holding! March 26 2013, 0 Comments

 Allie asked for a walk in the snow!

Hossie asked for a new head shot and photo for his new exercise video!

 "Don't hate me because I'm fabulous."        "...and a one and a two..."



Boxing Day January 04 2013, 0 Comments

Allie - "Traditional Human Boxing Day is steeped in British Human history. (We watch the History Channel sometimes-you humans are nuts!). Humans allowed other humans to have a special day after Christmas to celebrate. It does not make sense to us why humans always separate themselves from other humans so we have "Cat" anized our Boxing Day and let our humans help us wrap boxes. We may not all have presents inside but what's important is that everybody gets a box!"   

Hoss - "Uh huh."


Hoss - "I was helping human mom ("mom") wrap presents but she didn't want me to use my teeth or my nails."

Allie - "Your teeth and nails tear the paper up."

Hoss - "Exactly!"



Allie - "My box is a place where I can watch my favorite shows on Animal Planet. Sir David Attenborough narrates Frozen Planet and I can see myself running with the wolves!  OMG Hossie you were asleep when this episode came on!"


Kitty Poetry and Haiku December 09 2012, 0 Comments

Allie- I love sitting in the window feeling the cool air ruffle my fur, and, all the scents that come drifting over. I can smell that wet, musty possum that hides under the neighbor's porch, Champ's old poop that was never scooped up and the rotten odor of crows up in the oak tree that's almost dead.


                                                                           Hoss- The dinner bell rings softly
                                                                                      Ribbon tossed aside
                                                                                      Stomach growls feed me!

Hoss and Allie or Allie and Hoss? Welcome to our Blog! August 25 2012, 1 Comment

(HOSS-4 weeks old) H- Hi! This is Hoss.

(ALLIE-4 weeks old)

A-Hey this is Allie. We haven't decided who's name goes first. 

Both- Welcome to our blog!

H-Those are our baby pictures. 

A-My name should be first it begins with A!

H- It doesn't matter. Our human mom has final editing rights. We are two and one half years old and excited about our greeting card business. We want to start at the beginning so you know who we are. 

A-Then my name is first. We learned English from our real folks and first human family. We were born of a union between 


our dad (he passed away)  and our mom. Dad was a big gray dude and a lot of fun. He wasn't so good with the potty training though cause he always missed the litter box. Mom was the hunter and I would go in the woods with her as soon as I could. I'll get more detailed later.

H-Too scary in the woods. 

A-Mom and I would bring stuff home like a rabbit or a possum but our humans would throw them out. That was a lot of hard work gone to waste.

H-I liked to drink from mom. Where's mom's picture?

A-Momma's boy. I'll find a picture for next time.

H-Thanks for visiting us!

A-Yeah thanks. We got a nap to take right now.