I met Gayle King first! - Part I - Oprah The Life You Want Tour October 19 2014, 0 Comments



I'm in the Verizon Center in Washington DC! I walked from my hotel which was about five blocks away. I kinda got lost trying to find the correct entrance to the center so add an additional five blocks. I'm wearing cute shoes but my feet aren't bothering me yet.

Now; before I arrived in DC I, like everyone else heading to The Life You Want Tour, was receiving updates about what we should and what we could not bring into the Center. Meanwhile; I'm working on a special package of cards to present to Ms. Winfrey. MSLK Design created a cool belly bad and a "special" Oprah card that we thought would be great for a special fund raiser.

Any who; I check the "Tour Info" updates and what do I spy but an added comment, "Cannot" bring in letters, notes, cards etc., to give to anyone."  Dag nab it! Best frinkin' laid plans! So, I think, what's the worst that could happen if I make an attempt to bring in a stash of greeting cards? They taser me? I mean they wouldn't do that would they?

So I find the entrance and present my ticket and purse for them to peruse. My purse is kind of flat and wide. No problems and I get on through; with my greeting cards inside my purse! Psyche! 

So I'm walking around "O'Town" in the Verizon Center looking at the different booths and food and t-shirts to purchase and fans taking photos with "flat" Oprah. I get something to drink and find a chair to plop in. The starting of the show is at least 90 minutes away so I'm just taking everything in. I sit next to a young lady named Adaylah. She has, like I do, the boring day job but her night job is stand up comedy! Very cool! I ask her to take pictures of me and I did the same for her. Then we decide to do a little video. 


I know. We could actually win an academy award!

I decide to get to my seat which is on the floor! Woot woot! I climb down the stairs; my ticket is being checked on the way down. I'm pretty darn close to the stage! Find my seat, say hello to my neighbors.  They've got the music pumping and I'm jamming in my sit. They're playing some very old school Jackson Five "ABC" and Jill Scott's "Golden". I get my neighbors up out of their chairs and we shake it a little. Like it's hot.

Then coming toward me I see Gayle King with a couple of security guys! She's actually going to her sit so I grab my ipad and quickly move toward her. A lot of other people are doing the same thing. She greets people she knows and hugs a couple of them. I'm right there and kind of pushing through saying, "Gayle can I get a photo with you?" I think she says yes to me there are so many people there. I didn't get my ipad to work right so I only got a picture of Gayle. Then I discreetly pull my cards out of my purse and say,

"Gayle I have some greeting cards,". 

"No, no; I can't", she says. "Ma'ame, you can't", security says. I say "OK! Sorry!" I quickly walk back to my sit just in case tasers are in route. And; Scene!

Part II coming up later this week!